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18 September 2017

29: The Birthday that Included Nurses, Firemen, and a Newborn

Rylee was born about a month before my 29th birthday, so I really wasn't planning on doing anything spectacular. I would have been happy with just a slice of chocolate mousse cake and Netflix. I decided though that it would probably be in my best interest to get out of the house and you know, not wear yoga pants for once. Just a small dinner. It would still be relaxing.


The day started out as normal. I fed Rylee throughout the night and slept in a little (with a newborn, more than 2 hours of sleep means sleeping in). I woke up, marathon-ed Bones on Netflix (Netflix, I can't quit you!), and snuggled with my sweet baby.

Sometime in the afternoon, I had the best idea. I was going to wear my wedding ring for my birthday. The last time I wore it was my second trimester, and I felt like my fingers were looking less like hot dogs these days. I took a quick shower, changed, and put the ring on my finger. And can you believe it, that sucker fit! That's when the trouble began.

I tried to take my ring off, but it wouldn't budge. The ring was stuck on there like a crayon in a kid's nose. I tried to remain calm and quickly Youtube-d some videos on how to remove it. I tried Windex, butter, floss, EVERYTHING you can think of, and my ring wouldn't move. That's when I really started to freak out. That's also when my finger began to swell.