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20 October 2013

Pumpkin Patch

We grabbed some pumpkins to paint from the Pumpkin Patch and did some trick or treatin' at the museum. She was Rapunzel from Tangled, her "favorite."
13 October 2013

Beavers Bend State Park

My favorite trips are the ones where you get to relax and enjoy the world's natural beauty. It was due time for some camping and Kyle planned the most amazing trip for the two of us. This time, we ventured out to Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma. The forecast looked pretty meek for the weekend so we were lucky when we got there, there was still a bit of sunshine left.

We immediately set up our cabin and picked out a few trails to conquer.

You don't see this in Texas too often. (Or do you? Let me know.)

My crazy wonderful mountain man. He, of course, made sure to do a few Big Foot knocks.

Just enjoying the view.

The next day, it rained. And it was gloomy. We took a walk around the dam and watched some of the fishermen.

Took some obligatory pictures.

Despite the rain and gloom, it was still a lot of fun exploring. And we were so lucky later that day. The sun decided to come out so we took it as a sign and decided to go canoeing.

And horseback riding.

So thankful for much needed trips like this and for unexpected sunshine.
09 October 2013

Big Tex Returns

Big Tex is back y'all! If you're from Texas, you'd understand what a huge thing this is. Big Tex (a symbol of Texas and the State Fair) had burned down last year and left us Texans devastated. I know it sounds kind of silly but trust me when I say, "it's kind of a big deal." We met up with a few friends for some guilt-free gluttony.

And of course had to get the world famous Fletcher's corn dog. Delicious.

Emily also learned how to pilot her own "buffalo fighter" (and already with a passenger!). No biggie.

Tried the Fried Nutella. It was only ok.

Eating some Dippin' dots and checking each other's tongues to see what colors they were.

Looks like brown with a touch of orange.
07 October 2013


"Are we in Africa?" 
Emily says while looking at the giraffes at Fossil Rim.
06 October 2013

Fossil Rim

Kyle planned a special trip to Fossil Rim for us this weekend. He used to go a lot as a child and wanted to share the experience with me and Emily. I was ridiculously excited. I'm kind of obsessed with animals. As you can see, Kyle packed our lunches.

Basically, you drive around and can see the animals from your car. You can purchase some food for the animals and use it to lure them toward you so you can pet them.

The emu was pretty frightening, I'm not going to lie.

These guys though, total dolls.

I was MOST excited about the giraffes. They did not disappoint.

There's also a petting station where you can pet and brush some of the animals.

Finally, the zebras. Thank you for posing for me, sweet zebras.
05 October 2013

Dinosaur Ride

Took my favorite kiddos on a play date today.