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13 May 2018

Rylee's First Birthday

Photography by Rasy Ran Photography. Beautiful calligraphy sign by Viv Jordan Studio.

Two weeks ago, we celebrated our Rylee's FIRST birthday! Holy cow, can you believe it?! She's one! I can't even believe how much she's grown.

The day started off really stressful. Aunt Flo was in town and wrecking havoc on my insides. I spent most of the morning laying on the couch with my best friend--the heating pad--instead of getting ready for the party. Once the pain went away, I was finally ready to set up.

Invitation by Viv Jordan Studio. 

Two hours later with only 30 minutes before the party, I realized I had no food on the table. Fortunately for me, I was blessed with incredible friends who came a little early to help me set up and when I say set up, I mean they did everything while I got dressed.

We decided to do a few special things for Rylee's big day. There's an Asian tradition where you place items that represent different professions in front of your kiddo. Whichever one they pick up first or play with the longest represents your child's future career. Of course, this rarely comes true and is more for fun than anything.

Rylee's potential career choices included a doctor, teacher, park ranger, ballerina, Top Chef, Whataburger manager (Texas, yee-haw!), and of course, Queen of Westeros.

I also wanted to make something she could enjoy when she was older. We decided on a time capsule and had everyone write a note or bring something to put in it.

Rylee sign by V. Garcia Designs 

Cakes from Whole Foods Market

She definitely chose Top Chef (mama's number one choice), but some of her family members pressured her into changing to Queen of Westeros. I guess that's OK too.

More proof that she really wanted to be a Top Chef.

Behind the smile is a worried mama. Luckily, she was too mesmerized by the candle to touch it.

Happy birthday to our girl! I wonder what she wished for... :)

Probably for some cake...


Most definitely the cake.

Also not a Rylee party without some impromptu dancing!

And super cool shades.

I mean look how cool she looks in those shades!

Best friends forever.

We love you Rylee!

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