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15 July 2013

When in Colorado

Colorado! Finally! I've been wanting to visit ever since my best friend showed me pictures of the beautiful mountains and scenery.

We took an early flight into Denver on Friday. When we arrived, we were starving so Bill quickly yelped popular local restaurants and stumbled upon this gem: Spices Cafe. If I could, I would eat here all the time. Actually, there was a man in front of the restaurant who proclaimed something along the lines of "this is the best place ever! I eat here all the time! You should too!" I agree, man who slightly startled us out-of-towners.

The rest of the day was spent exploring downtown Denver and I must say, I fell in love quick.

I am a sucker for lights and loved the old town atmosphere.

We stopped to get some coffee and dessert at The Market. The Milky Way latte is a must. The chocolate cake was ridiculously good.

My body was grateful that we shared the cake. My heart was not.

Oh, Denver.

One of my favorite landmarks, the big blue bear at the convention center.

The next day, we woke up early and drove to Colorado Springs.

We spent the whole day hiking, taking photos, posing outrageously for the photos, and just enjoying the beauty of the Garden of the Gods.

It rained/sprinkled sporadically throughout the day, so we were able to get some pretty cool shots of the clouds over the mountains.

See that cliff on the left? We actually climbed that.

After hiking, we drove to the Cave of the Winds for some good ole cave exploration.

I really love this quote. The person who funded the cave tours requested that a part of his favorite poem be written inside. That night, after a bad case of the hanger and aimless searching for a local place to eat, my friends and I ended up at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It may not be local to Denver, but it sure does make my tummy happy.

Sunday morning, we went white water rafting in...honestly, I have no idea where we were. There was an odd number of people so our instructor told me not to paddle. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't participate, but later the instructor said I could "ride the bull." Basically, I stood at the front of the raft, held on to the rope, and tried not to fall as the raft hit the waves. It was so much fun!

Just me and some of my favorite people. :)

For dinner, we went to Freshcraft, which is known for its delicious bar food and craft beers. I had a burger with green chiles, a sweet corn marmalade, and avocados on top. It was pretty scrumptious.

Downtown as the sun was setting. I love the glow of the lights against the background.

Umm...we may have went back to Cheesecake Factory after dinner. I know. We're ridiculous.

We really didn't have a plan for Monday, our last day there. When we woke up, the weather looked promising so we decided to drive back up to Colorado Springs to see the waterfalls. By the time we got there, it was raining pretty hard (just our luck, of course). We stopped at Agia Sophia (a small coffee shop/book store) for lunch and waited for the rain to pass.

The waterfall at North Cheyenne Canon Park. Some of the cute little hummingbirds flying around.

Some more beautiful scenery, as expected from Colorado.

Before heading to the airport, we made a spontaneous but necessary last stop at Skoops for some homemade ice cream.

Goodbye, Colorado! I already miss you!
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