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09 December 2013

Texas Ice

We had a nice four day weekend because of the cold freeze that hit Texas. Fortunately, our power stayed on (sorry to those who weren't so lucky) and we were able to get out every now and then for the occasional food run or cabin fever break. It's always such a pleasant surprise to see Texas covered in white and also to have the day off! I remember waking up and staring at the news ticker to see if my school district was closed. If it was, boisterous cheering and a quick run back into my bed covers would follow. If not, a ten minute debate with my parents trying to persuade them to let me stay home due to the "dangerous" conditions. So when I found out I had the day off from work, I did what any adult would do. I mumbled a "heck yea" and fell instantly back to sleep.

We've been so busy lately that it was nice to have mother nature force us to relax. We spent all weekend sleeping in, snuggling, and watching Homeland. I also got a lot of wedding planning done and am now halfway through the first Walking Dead compendium while Kyle invested hours on hours in Battlefield 4. Tomorrow the ice will be gone. I hope it'll actually snow in Texas this year. Fingers crossed.

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