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16 June 2013

A Tale of Two Fathers, Part 2

It's kind of a strange thing when your significant other is a father. It's like you get this glimpse into the future of that person's parenting potential. If you're lucky like me, he's an incredible, engaged, and loving father. One that you would be proud and lucky to share a family. And to be perfectly honest, I never wanted a family until I met and fell in love with him and his daughter.

And boy, I am so proud of him!

I think fathers usually get a bad reputation. There's this favoritism for the mom in society, which is completely understandable (I know, ladies! Nine months, I get it!). Plus, let's face it. There are some pretty lacking fathers out there. But I do think fathers are often overlooked or taken for granted.

That's why I'm so proud of him. He tries so hard to be present and involved in his daughter's life. He wants to and loves being a part of it and seeing her grow.

He reminds me of my own father in a way, that kind of quiet love that works without any need of recognition.

And I can see how much he loves her every time we are together.

The careful, behind-the-scenes planning that is put into making sure that she is safe and has a healthy meal and a memorable experience when she is with us.

The private comments about how much he misses her when she is not around.

The struggle he deals with trying to teach and discipline her while hoping that she knows he still loves her even though he may yell or get angry.

How the little things she does makes him smile.

How she makes him smile.

And I just know, she is the luckiest girl to have him.

Thank you for being such an inspiring father. I cannot say it enough. I am so proud of you. Emily is so lucky to have you, and we both love you so very much.
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